Telecomputing announces: the first low-cost data reduction system (Oct, 1953)

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Telecomputing announces: the first low-cost data reduction system

Everyone concedes the value of modern data reduction instruments; but not every organization feels it can “afford” them-just yet.

A pioneer in the field of data reduction, Telecomputing has long sought a solution to this problem. It now presents the first low-cost data reduction system which offers speed, accuracy and flexibility at a price most organizations can afford: $5,555.

1. The Contact Telereader – $2195.
measures oscillograms and other graphic records.

It handles single sheet or roll records—any length, any width up to 18″; performs linear and non-linear calibrations; provides accuracy to .01″ per count; permits up to 40 measurements per minute by means of X-Y crosswires.

Operates Alone.
– The Contact Telereader also can be used independently of the data reduction system to perform rapid, accurate measurements. Readout, however, must then be made by manual methods.

Engineers -Telecomputing offers you a future in fields of the future-data reduction, computing, and the solution of mass record-handling problems for Business.

2. The Teleducer – $1690.
electronically converts Contact Telereader measurements into digital form.

Other Teleducer Applications The Teleducer can be used by itself as a laboratory digital voltmeter with an accuracy of 0.1%. It also can be used independently to digitize output of strain gauges and thermocouples without D. C. amplification. It provides for minimum full-scale input of 10 millivolts (10 microvolts per count) and maximum full scale input of 1.0 volt without external attenuation.

The Teleducer and accompanying Program Unit are housed in the same cabinet.

3. Electric Typewriter – $920.

The Program Unit – $750.
prepares parallel digital data for serial readout to the electric typewriter shown on top of the Teleducer-Program Unit cabinet.

Readout also can be in punched cards or punched tape.

Computing Service, Your computing and data reduction problems, large or small, can be processed quickly, efficiently by Telecomputing’s staff of engineers, physicists and mathematicians. They are fully equipped with Telecomputing and other electronic instruments to provide round-the-clock service. Representatives in Telecomputing’s Burbank and Washington, D. C. offices are available to discuss your problem and prepare proposals.

Specifications on the new data reduction system, as well as detailed information showing how the Contact Telereader and Teleducer can be used independently, will be mailed you upon request. Coupon below is for your convenience.


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  1. Hirudinea says: June 25, 20125:46 pm

    So that’s what the first ZIP program looked like.

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