Telephones on wheels (Jun, 1960)

Telephones on wheels

The mobile telephone center above has been put into service in Chicago. It is designed to assist reporters and officials at special events. The 32-foot bus carries 15 phones—two of them on the outside. It is also provided with 10 mobile radiotelephone channels, several hand-carried radio transmitters, and a powerful public-address system.

  1. Hirudinea says: June 22, 201210:40 am

    And I thought 80’s cell phones were big!

  2. Casandro says: June 24, 201210:11 pm

    If course, the idea behind it is that you connect it to a set of land lines. (this was back in the age of analogue telephone systems)
    Those 10 radiotelephone channels were only meant for cases you cannot get to landlines.

    Even today, getting 10 telephony channels on a cellular network is hard. For example on GSM that is more than the capacity of a cell.

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