TELEPHONY (Mar, 1930)

I had no idea the word telephony was this old.



Would you like a well-paid position as Telephone expert? Only a few minutes a day with this wonder-book will prepare you to break into this fascinating field in less than a year. New edition, includes “automatic” machine switching, “manual” switchboards, long-distance and cable lines,—every engineering, operating and business phase of the great telephone industry.

For Beginners and Experts Written in simple language for the beginner by McMeen and Miller with help of Staff Engineers of American Telephone & Telegraph Co. In daily use by hundreds of electrical and telephone engineers as a dependable reference encyclopedia. Has helped thousands of men employed in telephone work smash ahead to better-paid positions. A year’s consulting membership in American Technical Society free if you mail coupon at once for book on approval. Reduced price, easy payments.

AMERICAN TECHNICAL SOCIETY Dept. T-3320 Drexel Ave. & 58th St.,Chicago

  1. Flip says: November 22, 20106:08 am

    Here it is,1911 copyright…

    Nb – my father was, at one time, a telephonist.

  2. Stephen says: November 22, 20106:13 am

    It is MUCH older than that. The Oxford English Dictionary gives the first use as the title of an 1876 lecture printed in the “Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences”, called “Researches in Telephony”. I’ll let you guess the name of the lecturer, but here’s a clue: his initials were A.G.B.

  3. GaryM says: November 22, 20107:32 am

    Free for only $6! (Multiply that by about 10 to get an equivalent in today’s dollars.)

  4. Flip says: November 22, 20107:41 am
  5. DouglasUrantia says: November 22, 20109:15 pm

    Oh Steve…could he be married to a deaf lady?

    I wonder if it gave you instructions on how to install 20 phones in one room…..;-))

  6. Kosher Ham says: November 24, 20103:16 pm

    A telephonist is not the same as a pianist?

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