Television Set in New York Picks Up London Programs (Jun, 1939)

Television Set in New York Picks Up London Programs

TELEVISION programs broadcast from Alexandra Palace, London, and from Rome, Italy, have been seen many times this year in the mirror of a special cathode ray television receiver located in Riverhead, Long Island (just outside of New York City). Since television signals of this nature can ordinarily be picked up only within about 60 miles of a transmitter, this transoceanic reception over a distance of more than 3400 miles is truly remarkable.

  1. jayessell says: July 8, 20088:42 am

    There’s a YouTube about this article!…

    British Television broadcasts were fairly sophisticated by that time.

    Check out this film from 1938:
    (Or skip to part 3 for an actual broadcast)………

  2. Rick Auricchio says: July 8, 20082:34 pm

    The headline should say “…London programmes.”

  3. Adrian says: July 9, 20087:35 am

    Had the war not intervened, the BBC would have been over there checking for TV licences.

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