Tells Tomorrows Temperature Today (Dec, 1938)

Damn it, they stole the tag line of our sister site, Modern Meteorology.

Tells Tomorrows Temperature Today

Designed to supplement existing weather-bureau apparatus by forecasting changes in temperature, a novel long-distance thermometer invented by Prof. Charles M. Heck of North Carolina State University was tested recently in New York City. Heat given off by the earth’s surface, Professor Heck states, is absorbed by moisture in the air and then re-radiated. The new instrument, which consists of a thermometer mounted within aluminum reflectors, is aimed at the sky to register the temperature of the re-radiation centers from which heat is reflected back to earth. By this means it may be possible to predict accurately, soon after sunset, the maximum and minimum temperatures for the following day.

  1. JM says: August 6, 20089:14 am

    And what happens if it’s The Day After Tomorrow? 😀

  2. C says: August 6, 20081:24 pm

    Wow, I wish I had a last name like “Heck”.

  3. Janet says: September 29, 20085:17 pm

    well this wasn’t the info I was looking for my sixth grade project… but it is nice to know the long distance thermometer was invinted where I live!
    NC rulez! (:
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  4. erika says: April 14, 20099:11 pm

    this is not a HELP at all in fact its pretty gay if you ask me and the person standing right next to me so yah if u have a website at least make it interesting and not gay so thats all i have to say about this dumb and stupid website

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