Terraplaning on Boards Hooked to Motorbike Proves Thrilling Sport (Jul, 1932)

Terraplaning” on Boards Hooked to Motorbike Proves Thrilling Sport

SURFBOARDS, whose usual habitat is the ocean, have taken to the land in a new sport devised recently by Portland, Oregon, youngsters. The surfboards, made of ordinary planks, are pulled along over the ground at a neat clip by motorcycles, as shown below, and the participants enjoy the sport despite the ever-imminent possibility of a fractured neck, leg or arm. A clean stretch of turf makes ideal course.

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  2. Bruno says: April 29, 200711:00 pm

    If you look very very carefully, you’ll notice that the front and rearmost bikes have the kickstand down. I suspect the middle one as well of course, you just can’t see it.

    Great site, I check it almost daily!

  3. Charlie says: April 30, 200712:01 am

    Wow, good catch. You think they just just posed for the picture?

  4. Blurgle says: April 30, 20079:51 am

    Good catch! Also, there’s no trails behind any of them despite the fact the ground looks somewhat soft (it looks like the first board has dug into the soil).

  5. Bayard says: April 7, 20106:17 pm

    The fact that the spokes are visible is a dead giveaway.

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