Test Lip-Stick On Guinea Pig (Apr, 1939)

And PETA was born.

Test Lip-Stick On Guinea Pig
IN THE photo below, Max Factor, Hollywood make-up specialist (left) and Dr. J. R. Pratt, chemist, are testing a new lipstick on a shaven guinea pig (circle). A baby guinea pig is used for the test because its under skin is ten times more sensitive than that of a human being.

  1. Monica says: September 18, 20098:42 pm

    I can’t believe they did this. I wonder if max factor still does animal testing, I will neve ever buy another max factor product.

  2. Don says: September 19, 20097:41 am

    So THAT’S the origin of the saying! “You can put lipstick on a (Guinea) pig, but it’s still a (Guinea) pig.”

  3. darren says: November 14, 20104:37 pm

    Excellent Don.

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