Tests Graded By Weight (Oct, 1935)

This is pretty neat though it seems that you could just punch more than one hole for a question and get the answer right…

Scale Corrects Examination Papers
WHEN a Kentucky professor discovered that nearly 75 per cent of all students’
examination papers were incorrectly marked, he invented a robot examination corrector which automatically corrects 75,000 questions an hour without an error.
Prof. Noel B. Cuff of Eastern Kentucky State Teachers College is the inventor of the robot, called the testometer. The meter is used in true and false or in the multiple choice examinations in which the student is given a perforated card, the holes to be punched bearing the number of the question asked.
The perforated card is then placed on the testometer, and wherever the correct answer has been punched, a 1/4-ounce weight drops through the hole onto the scale. The total weight registered is the student’s mark.


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