Tests Reveal Compatibility for Marriage (Jan, 1941)

Tests Reveal Compatibility for Marriage
Checking up on the compatibility of persons about to be married is a predicted use for a system for measuring human relations developed by Dr. Ernest Chappie, of the Harvard University department of anthropology. Dr. Chappie places the couple to be “personality tested” behind a screen through which he can watch them without being seen. While they chat, he records their reactions on a paper tape with a special machine. The instrument could also be used for studying personality problems of individuals.

  1. mdhatter says: April 23, 20087:53 am

    That system might be just a *little* subjective.

  2. nlpnt says: April 25, 20083:52 pm

    Yes, one could easily replace the paper-tape machine with a plain old pencil and clipboard; the trappings of high-tech Science were only necessary for it to work if you define “working” as “getting the necessary research funding to continue and allow Dr. Chapple to avoid lecturing undergrads for another few semesters”.

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