Texas Bats Come Home to Roost (Feb, 1931)

Texas Bats Come Home to Roost

IN THE vicinity of San Antonio, Texas, is a string of bat roosts, built by the municipal authorities to house the myriads of bats that formerly lived in caves in the vicinity. These bat roosts are peculiarly shaped houses, looking like the cut off steeple of a country church, or like some of the old fashioned square wooden farm silos in the middle west. On one side is a wing-shaped ventilator.

Bats are found all over Texas and the southwest, in huge cave colonies. They come flying out in clouds at twilight to range far over the country, returning at the first flush of dawn to the caves. Instead of being dangerous, as many people believe, bats are not only harmless but benefactors of mankind, for they feed on the vast swarms of mosquitoes that infest not only the swampy places and marshy lakes near San Antonio, but other marshy spots, from the equator to the north of Alaska, and all over the world.

The San Antonio bat roosts are protected by a municipal law.

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