Texas Rabbits Roped Like Steers (Nov, 1932)

I think I’m going to have to call bullshit on this one. Unless that’s actually a Kangaroo…

Texas Rabbits Roped Like Steers

THE jackrabbits they sure grow big in the Lone Star State. If you need graphic proof just take a look at the photo at the right. Believe it or not, but that thing hanging by its hind legs is a rabbit, and not an overgrown police dog.

These critters play a leading role in the rabbit roping contest held every year in the little town of Odessa, in Wild Western part of Texas. The idea of roping a rabbit does not seem so easy when you see what it is that gets roped.

  1. Githyanki says: February 15, 20084:27 am

    More likely, its a photochop.

  2. Gazzie says: February 15, 20085:33 am

    I’m not sure what it is, but Odessa, Texas sure is proud of him. http://www.odessahistor…

  3. Alan J. Richer says: February 15, 20086:22 am

    Bullshit you said, and BS it is…. 🙂 THank you photo overlaying…used to do a fair amount of that in my photo lab when I was a kid.

    It’s not at all hard to do.


  4. fluffy says: February 15, 200810:07 am

    It could also just be forced perspective. But yeah, that rabbit is definitely not man-sized, no matter how it was conveyed to be.

  5. Stannous says: February 15, 200812:57 pm

    It might be a fake but it could be a jackalope that they’ve already cut the antlers off of for use in a tea to cure baldness and erectile dysfunction.

  6. Mike Brisendine says: February 15, 20084:04 pm

    It is a jackalope but its a female. The female doesn’t grow antlers. Just thoought you should know.

  7. diogenesus says: February 15, 20088:36 pm

    my thought on roping one-is that you would have to dump a huge pile of lettuce heads somewhere out in the field and wait for them to sit still and munch away.
    except for the thrill seekers who ride them like broncos.

    Wasn’t there also a texan rabibit pellets game too?.

    I dont know.the guy in the photo looks mighty close (or unaware of what next will occur) to be making a cut where he is standing.

  8. Jason says: February 16, 20088:18 pm

    Looks like hooves on that rabbit’s front legs to me.

  9. Hollie says: April 30, 200811:42 pm

    I doubt a rabbit could really get so big, but you’d be surprised to know there is a particular breed of rabbit from germany that will grow to the size of a medium sized dog.

    They are shy animals really so i guess it left undetected for a long time they could grow very large.

  10. mickey says: December 5, 200812:04 pm

    you need only to look at the picture to get graphic proof, because there is absolutely no way to doctor photos

  11. Emma says: January 6, 200910:48 am

    I have seen some BIG rabbits while in Germany with the Army; I swear by all that is holy these rabits were 3-4 feet tall (with their ears strait up). From a distance myself, my husband, and a few of the guys from my unit thought that they were little deer. As far as this picture goes though, my first thought was that it reminds me of the pictures you see of people ‘holding up’ the Leaning Tower of Pisa. Mostly because the rabbit isn’t throwing a shadow on the man, based on the other shadows in the photo if he was really gutting the rabbit he would be in its shadow. If you practice and have a good camera angle you can take almost any picture you want.

  12. isitreal says: June 27, 20108:53 am

    ive actually seen jack rabbits that are in texas not this huge but if you ever in the woods becare what you might stumble across it was scary

  13. SteveinTexas says: August 29, 20112:35 pm

    That one’s a young jackrabbit, female. It’s best to get ’em at that age because if they’re old enough to reach their full growth, they can be awfully tough and gamey. We have periodic die-offs from tularemia, or rabbit fever, and when that happens, the buzzards get so fat and heavy they can’t fly; just waddle from carcass to carcass. The whole country stinks like the devil until the buzzards finish up, and you can’t imagine the flies…

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