Thanks Everyone

Thanks for the support everyone. Rest assured that I’m going to keep working on the site. I have lots of great stuff coming up, so be sure to stick around.

Oh, and I thought you all would think this email I got yesterday was pretty funny all things considered:

Hi Charlie:

I’m an editor at PopSci and got your e-mail from my colleague [redacted to protect the innocent]. I’m looking to use a couple of images from old issues of the magazine in an upcoming issue, and he mentioned that you might have high-res files you could send. (All our archives are on Google Books now, but I don’t think the files are high-res enough.) These are the two: …

  1. Al Bear says: December 11, 200811:33 pm

    LOL! that is awesome! you see! you’re doing a service to the community with your awesome site. And when the publishers of the old magazines come to YOU what does that tell you? 😉

  2. Rick Auricchio says: December 12, 20081:42 am

    So there ya go. How cool is that?

    Be careful, though. Next think you know they’ll want mac-and-cheese pancakes!

  3. melissa says: December 12, 20089:13 am

    Good to see that you’ll keep going with this. I heard about the google books venture and wondered what you might do.

  4. Craig G Noble says: December 12, 20082:20 pm

    I can feel the love in the room.

  5. gmcgath says: December 12, 20083:24 pm

    Whereupon you said, “Whew, it’s NOT a cease-and-desist notice”?

  6. slim says: December 12, 20083:42 pm

    I went to Google Books and found an old issue of Popular Science. I read through the whole thing, and while it was interesting, there was something missing. Later, I figured out what was wrong. It was lonely. I knew that I was the only one reading it and there was no one to share comments with. Even when no one comments here, it’s somehow nice to know that I’m not the only reader. Please keep up the good work Charlie.

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