How do you measure a woman? Not by the usual dimensions only. Observe the extra dimension of confidence that comes from looking her best! HER HIGHNESS HORMONE CREAM is a beauty aid that has pleased thousands of women. It’s a cream women recommend to each other—a superb face cream, a body cream supreme. Each ounce contains 10,000 units of Estradiol, Lanolin, and other beneficial substances. Rub in and see it vanish. Use it as a night cream, use it on arms and body. HER HIGHNESS heightens your charms. Three weeks will tell! It must satisfy in full measure, or your money back. A 60-day supply in plain wrapper, $3. SPECIAL, 2 jars only $5. Send payment and save postage or C.O.D.

109 Broad St., New York 4, N. Y.

  1. TimE says: March 19, 20117:49 pm

    It would seem like that ‘extra dimension’ is not one that’s measured with a number. I’m thinking they’re quietly referring to something measured with a letter, like A, B, DD, you get it… “HER HIGHNESS heightens your charms,” indeed.

  2. John Savard says: March 19, 20119:00 pm

    Estradiol is the primary sex hormone in women, created through a metabolic pathway that starts from cholesterol, going to tesosterone, which is then converted to estradiol. The Wikipedia article refers to it as an estrogen.

    So, yes, this was meant to tamper with natural breast development. Today, I believe that such products are probably not available – although maybe not. Most natural-source vitamin E pills have quite a bit of estrogen in them, I remember reading, because it is present in wheat and other plants.

    There was a natural-source androgen from plants as well, used legally by a famous baseball player who was defended by Stephen Jay Gould… fortunately for Olympic athletes, though, plant androgens are quite uncommon.

  3. Timaay says: March 20, 20113:11 pm

    Yo! I got your “beneficial substance” right here, baby

  4. John says: March 21, 20116:59 am

    Timaay: Smooooth. You must be a demon with the ladies…

  5. Charlene says: March 21, 20115:54 pm

    Estradiol cream’s main use these days is in hormone replacement therapy, especially for women who have undergone oophorectomy (surgical menopause is especially harsh). It does not make breasts grow, although of course that’s the sales pitch here. What it can do is speed up the growth of breast *cancer* and cause blood clots in susceptible persons. It can even increase the risk of deadly ovarian cancer, again in women who already have a greater than average risk of developing the condition.

    However, one wonders how much estradiol the cream actually contained per use. One ounce of moisturizer is quite a bit (it’s 23 standard doses of the most common modern estradiol cream), and 10,000 US units isn’t all that much.

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