That Grim Law – The Survival of the Fittest (Feb, 1937)

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That Grim Law – The Survival of the Fittest

IT IS said that man was not made to live alone, and the reference to man in this instance, of course, includes woman.

Family life is the natural evolvement of sweetheart days.

Marriage and home is the great, outstanding goal of romance—and the prattling voices of little children is music to the ear of every normal man and woman.

In the distant past, romantic adventures assumed savage characteristics.

Brides were sometimes kidnapped, and even treated with a certain amount of violence.

Men frequently fought for the women of their choice, and then indeed the fittest survived.

But today, love-making is on what we would call a civilized plane, and our women mostly i do the choosing. And unfortunately, the innate attraction between the sexes is often cast aside by the enticement of wealth or position.

Women marry men they do not love for fine automobiles, diamonds and the luxuries of a beautiful home. And if all such marriages * could be childless, they would be harmless.

But children from such marriages are always lacking in spirit.

There must be zestful, passionate attraction to cement the ties of marriage.

And the Almighty must indeed be outraged when He sees this rule ignored.

We are often shocked at the reference to a “love child”—but a child that is not conceived with the birthright of an intense affection is indeed to be pitied.

And when marriages become financial bargains, it is difficult indeed to find loyalty and love.

The buyer who uses wealth to purchase feminine attraction frequently learns that love cannot be bought—that the innate cravings of a feminine soul cannot be enslaved even with the marriage bonds.

And that grim law—the survival of the fittest—acts with death-dealing effect when he faces the disloyalty that frequently occurs in such circumstances.

  1. Firebrand38 says: June 10, 201010:23 am

    More info on Mr. MacFadden http://www.bernarrmacfa…

  2. Don says: June 10, 201011:30 am

    Physcultopathy??!! Sounds kooky. Now to go confirm . . . no, I mean see if it is . . . .

  3. Don says: June 10, 201011:44 am

    ” . . . physcultopathy espoused fasting, eating of raw foods, plenty of sex, rigorous exercise and the avoidance of meat and vaccinations.”


    The sex part sounds good . . . and exercise, of course.

  4. Stephen Edwards says: June 10, 201012:33 pm

    To my left, an ad promising “Date Wealthy Women” shows up. Google ads are often ironic.

  5. khazar says: June 12, 201012:54 am

    Sounds like he got dumped for a wealthier, meat-eating man.

  6. Tom says: June 26, 20104:21 pm

    Forget about that “Grim Law, The Survival of the Fittest”

    I want to know about that cover story “The Truth about Marijuana Sex Crazing Drug Menace”.

    It sounds like it should be investigated vigorously.

  7. JMyint says: June 26, 20108:55 pm

    Ya know, no where in Darwins writings did he ever use the term “survival of the fittest,” but he did make a point of the most suitable specimens will thrive in their enviroment.

  8. Firebrand38 says: June 26, 20109:18 pm

    JMyint: Yeah he did! 5th Edition of Origin of Species, Chapter 4 entitled NATURAL SELECTION, OR THE SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

    The myth is that he coined the phrase. It was actually first used by Herbert Spencer in discussing Darwin’s work.

  9. Paul Lindemeyer says: November 15, 20101:13 pm

    Old Bernarr(rrrr) would be fit to bust if he could see the way modern-day evolutionary psychologists have redefined wealth and earnings as just part of being the Alpha that Everywoman yearns for.

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