THE AH MEN LOOK (Oct, 1968)


NYLON-TRICOT, the greatest thing in men’s wear since pants. Fast drying, wash and wear, compact for travel and so comfortable. All items in S-M-L-XL, in Royal Blue, Black or White.

1. Judo-jumper (pictured), robe with legs, for relaxing $15.95
2. Fitted hip-hugger boxer under-briefs for under slim slacks $3.50, six for $19.00
3. “Brief-ers” French style under briefs $3.00, six for $15.00 Send 25c for New Catalog Add 50c postage, no C.O.D.

Dept. S 8933 Santa Monica Blvd W. Hollywood, Calif. 90069 AH MEN Shop for Men

  1. fluffy says: June 3, 20089:43 am

    Wow, a whole 8 years before Logan’s Run came out.

  2. mike brisendine says: June 3, 20082:57 pm

    Looks like the mens division for Fredricks of Hollywood!

  3. Blurgle says: June 3, 20088:25 pm

    Oh, God, I haven’t laughed like this in weeks.

  4. rsterling78 says: June 4, 20087:10 pm

    Add a black undershirt and boots and you’ve got the technician uniform from the original Star Trek.

  5. StanFlouride says: June 4, 20089:44 pm

    I vaguely recall the 60s but I’m pretty sure these never caught on.

  6. Chris Dichtel says: June 4, 20089:54 pm

    I like the kind of Jack Kirby-esque illustration in the lower left corner the best.

  7. paul says: March 9, 200911:51 pm

    my partner was one of the founders of ah men and when i was a young hayseed he would take me to the store and i could have pretty much anything i wanted. his name was ray long and i believe he was a partner of don cook’s once. bud gaveaux also worked at the store. it feels good to write their names. i’m going to be in la on may 12th 2009.

  8. elise sommerville says: August 27, 20091:02 am

    Is Don still alive? I am 51 now and he would hang out out our pool above Sunset Plaza when I was 11. Just for something to do, I would address his mailings. My last contact with him was addressing correspondence to him as “the last home on Peavine”. My mother, Zoe, and he were fabulous friends. If he is alive, Please mention my name to him. I remember him with very fond memories.
    With sincerest memories
    Elise Sommerville
    Zoe’s Daughter

  9. Don Cook says: September 30, 200911:11 pm

    Hi Lise,

    I’m still alive and kicking- good to here you are still in the neighborhood. Not great at this blogging stuff. Living on Doheny Drive for the last 30 years. Would love if you get in touch through my e-mail: [email protected]



  10. joe says: October 27, 20099:24 am

    I bought from Ah Men in my single days. Enjoid the jump suit in sheer with a black bikini the most. is the store still open?

  11. jraden says: November 5, 20096:53 pm

    I am very interested in buying corvette stretch terry jumpsuits for men.

    Please let me know if anyone can tell me how to find them.


  12. joe says: November 9, 20092:32 am

    Is the store still open? I also bought many things in my younger days. My favorite was also the sheer jumpsuit with a black bikini

  13. joe H says: December 31, 20097:38 am

    I enjoyed many items from this store. Wish they were still in existence.

  14. casey says: February 12, 201012:29 am

    i worked at Ah Men from summer ’79 until spring ’80. i had graduated from Vassar in June ’79 and moved to LA. Ah Men was the first place i went into looking for summer work, and the manager offered me a job. i’m terrible with names but i remember faces well, no good here. i worked with an Eddie from Silverlake, Rob (the manager) from WeHo, i remember a Don that did the books i think, a Roy i believe too. I remember Michael and Eddie from the mailroom. we had some hysterical times there. Ah Men during the day and Probe at night. hello and love to anyone/everyone out there still. i became the artist i always talked about.

  15. johnrobert says: February 20, 20104:58 pm

    The description for the “hip Hugger Boxer Underbriefs amazes me. Boxer briefs! Why didn’t they catch on till the 90’s

  16. larry says: April 21, 201011:18 pm

    I’d give my left nut for an old Ah! Men catalog. I had one but the pages eventually all stuck together.

  17. Scott says: June 22, 201011:42 am

    The Ah Men ads in Better Homes and Gardens made me gay. I discovered them just as I reached puberty.

  18. Lionel says: November 8, 20109:39 am

    I was always of the belief, and I might not unfounded, that Don Cook was part of the demise of his business partner so he could get the business. Probably true knowing the way this guy operates.

  19. casey says: November 13, 20106:59 pm

    Don Cook is, and always was, a really nice guy. I knew him then, and i’m in contact with him these days too. You know nothing. Your supposition is crap and probably libelous.

  20. Joe east coast says: November 19, 20105:30 pm

    In my earlier days I sent often for clothes, My favorite also was the sheer jump suit and bikini.

  21. Jeb says: December 5, 20109:18 pm

    Libel is only if someone makes a false claim against another. I am only adding what I was told and from what was known from the time probably, according to the person who said it probably not un true. How is the old beachball these days anyway?

  22. Bill McFatridge says: February 3, 201111:50 am

    In reference to Lionel’s questioning the demise of Don’s partner, I knew Jerry Furlow and was at his funeral in February of ’66. The untimely event would invite diverse speculation, but I think all were baseless.

  23. BrandonGould says: April 3, 20125:36 pm

    WoW. Don Cook was such a wonderful man to know, I was a young pup in West Hollywood and I got the pleasure of meeting him. We had some great conversations, he was so humble and easy to talk to. Don if you are around please email me? I would love to catch up and see how your doing? email is [email protected]

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