The Amazing Adventures of your SIRLOIN STEAK (Jun, 1930)

The Amazing Adventures of your SIRLOIN STEAK

YOU can’t grow your own steaks. They have to travel — hundreds, maybe thousands of miles —to arrive at your kitchen in time for dinner. And every foot of the way they must he protected from heat.

Steaks, nowadays, ride cool and comfortable, in refrigerator cars lined with Celotex. For Celotex keeps the temperature just what it ought to be… no matter what the weather is doing outside. Meats that travel with Celotex always arrive deliciously fresh and wholesome.

And when they reach your kitchen, does Celotex leave them in the lurch? No! For 36 leading manufacturers of household refrigerators are lining their cabinets with Celotex — to provide the icy atmosphere every steak appreciates.

We do not ask you to buy a refrigerator car — or to insist that your steaks have this traveling protection. For 9 out of 10 of the new cars are now insulated with Celotex.

But we do want you to insist that your new household refrigerator be insulated with the special kind of Celotex fabricated for this special purpose.

We want you to appreciate that when the retail salesman sells you a Celotex-insulated refrigerator, your steaks and all other perishable foods will enjoy the last word in protection.

The Celotex Company, 919 North Michigan Avenue, Chicago, Ill. In Canada: Alexander Murray & Co., Ltd., Montreal. Sales distributors throughout the World. Reliable dealers can supply Celotex Standard Building Board and Celotex Lath.



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