the better to see with, my dear (Sep, 1958)

So, he’s the Big Bad Wolf?

the better to see with, my dear

Never had you dreamed you would see so much and so clearly as now with your new Bausch & Lomb Zephyr-Light Binocular. Clear, turquoise waters lapping gainst white sand beaches . . .fishing boats with sun-bleached pastel sails billowing in the offshore breeze . . . and in the distance, multi-hued ountains in all their regal beauty. Everything seems close enough to touch . . . crisp in detail and radiantly alive in nature’s own colors.

When traveling, at sporting events, or just looking, you’ll discover there’s more to see, better and more clearly, with a binocular by Bausch & Lomb.
When you buy a B&L Binocular, you pay for the world’s best . . . and get it. There’s a booklet to tell you all about it; write

Bausch & Lomb Optical Co.,
10933 Lomb Park
Rochester 2, New York

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