The Bust – How it May Be Developed (Mar, 1922)

Your Figure Has Charm Only as You Are Fully Developed

BEAUTY OF FORM can be cultivated just the same as flowers are made to blossom with proper care. Woman, by nature refined and delicate, craves the natural beauty of her sex. How wonderful to be a perfect woman.

Bust Pads and Ruffles never look natural or feel right. They are really harmful and retard development. You should add to your physical beauty by enlarging your bust-form to its natural size. This is easy to accomplish with the NATIONAL, a new scientific appliance that brings delightful results.


If you wish a beautiful, womanly figure, write for a copy of the treatise by Dr. C. S. Carr, formerly published in the Physical Culture Magazine, entitled: “The Bust — How it May Be Developed.” Of this method Dr. Carr states:

“Indeed, it will bring about a development of the busts quite astonishing.”

This valuable information, explaining the causes of non-development, together with photographic proof showing as much as five inches enlargement by this method, will be sent FREE to every woman who writes quickly. Those desiring book sent sealed, enclose 4c postage.’


  1. avatar28 says: May 26, 20076:14 am

    It would seem that the more things change the more they stay the same, no?

  2. NikFromNYC says: January 15, 200811:56 am

    Besides the modern version of this that uses air vacuum to the same effect, it’s odd that despite the fact that physical “penis enlargers” actually do work (no, you don’t want to see the graphic web forum proving it), it’s odd that although about half of e-mail spam is for worthless pills to do the same deed, but I have never received a breast enhancement spam. Why? Because ‘Syndrome X’ (fat heart attack types) men actually buy the stupid pills by the millions, but women aren’t so stupid? I take it for granted that both men and women realize that the plastic surgery option works great for getting attention in a bar, but that most men who have options don’t want to wed a robot after all.

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