The Cat Man says: “Are you killing your cat with kindness?” (Mar, 1969)

The Cat Man says: “Are you killing your cat with kindness?”

Did you discover his favorite food, and feed him only that? Like plain chicken? Plain tuna? Plain kidneys?

That’s too bad, because it really isn’t good for him. Cats are difficult creatures.

They pick a favorite food, and stick to it. When that happens, they could be in trouble.

That’s why every Tabby product has at least 2 different foods in it. (A one-food diet is bad for cats.) And when you feed him Tabby Treat he gets five different foods. Meat & Chicken & Fish & Liver & Kidney: With every bite, he’s getting vitamins, minerals and extra nutrition. (He could eat Tabby Treat day after day and not deprive himself of some important foods.) The extra ingredients in every can make Tabby taste better…but we put them there so your cat will feel better. And he will.

Every Tabby cat food has at least 2 different foods in it. And Tabby Treat has 5!

Send us any 3 Tabby labels, and we’ll immediately send you a coupon good for 3 more cans of Tabby, free.

3 cans of Tabby free!

  1. Hirudinea says: October 17, 20119:51 am

    “A very big authority on cats”, now thats just mean!

  2. Stephen says: October 18, 20115:33 am

    Speaking as a cat victim, I mean, owner, even if you DO feed them their “favourite” food they will suddenly decide they don’t like it. It’s safer to have a bunch of things to get yourself through random refusals.

  3. Toronto says: October 18, 20111:55 pm

    You should try hermit crabs as pets – the only thing they like is variety. (Fortunately their food costs very little.)

  4. Fifi says: October 27, 20117:11 pm


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