I wonder what kind of “comfort and entertainment” the provided to “seaman strangers”…



FOR the purpose of making more comfortable and pleasant the hours spent in their home ports by the masters, mates, and pilots of the Pacific, and developing radio broadcasting to their ships while at sea, wives, daughters, and sweethearts of manners living at Seattle have formed an organization called the “Daughters of the Sea.”

The Daughters of the Sea plan to bring the home closer to the ship, and the radio will be their chief means toward that end. The club has undertaken the fitting up of quarters on the top floor of one of the city’s tall buildings, and is furnishing them with a library, comfortable chairs, smoking accessories, and marine glasses, so that seafarers may watch from the windows the ships making and leaving port.

A powerful radio sending and receiving apparatus is to be installed on the roof of the building, and entertainments, concerts, etc., held in the club rooms will be broadcast to the ships at sea. The personnel of vessels in any storm area will be cheered by the voices of loved ones at home. A practical service also will be maintained; the location of all ships from the home port will be recorded from day to day. The plans also include the entertainment of visiting captains from other ports of the world. There will be a committee supplying all arriving ships with flowers, and seamen strangers will be provided with comfort and entertainment.

One of the chief duties of members of the new organization is to see to it that every captain has in his ship’s quarters the photographs of those dearest to him. Another obligation on the part of members is that of planning pleasant surprises in the homes of mariners when they return from voyages. Eventually, it is expected, the Daughters of the Sea will extend their work to all countries by establishing branch chapters.

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