The Diesel Engineer (Feb, 1936)

The Diesel Engineer

Now is your chance to get into a big new industry and grow up with it to an important position. Today there is practically no competition in the Diesel field, but the increasing use of Diesel engines will result in keen competition for jobs after a few years. If you start your training now and get established in this field, you need not worry about competition.

Is Your Job Safe?

Just as the gasoline engine changed the jobs of thousands who depended on horse-drawn vehicles for their living — so now the Diesel engine is fast invading both the power and transportation fields, and threatening the present jobs of thousands of workers.

What This Field Offers you Diesel engines are replacing steam and gasoline engines in power plants, motor trucks and busses, locomotives and ships, aircraft, tractors, dredges, pumps, etc.—opening up an increasing number of well-paid jobs for Diesel-trained men. You get complete information on all the latest Diesel developments in our course. Special diagrams for quick understanding of this new power.

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