The Electric Blanket Is Tested By “Maggie” (Aug, 1941)

The Electric Blanket Is Tested By “Maggie”

THE delightful creature in the bed is “Maggie,” the engineer’s solution to General Electric’s search for a substitute for a human being to conduct continuous tests on the automatic electric blanket developed by G.E. to keep its users warm whatever the temperature. Stuffed with straw, “Maggie’s” underwear contains insulated copper wires which give off heat approximating the human body’s normal temperature.

  1. Don says: January 19, 20086:32 am

    OOOOOOH! That Maggie is HOT!!

  2. Blurgle says: January 19, 20084:28 pm

    Every few months there’s a news article where a family member dies and for whatever reason (pension fraud, mental disability, etc.) the remaining family members let the corpse just sit there until the police investigate.

    For a moment I thought this image went with one of those articles.

  3. Ship of Theseus says: January 19, 20087:00 pm

    Maggie looks like the martians from “Mars Attacks”. Ack! Ack Ack!

  4. sayanne says: June 5, 20086:25 am

    that is kinda col my mother had alwayse had to use an elctri blanket whan she was a little girl up until she was about 17
    cause she didnt have any heat in her house

  5. Richard says: August 12, 200812:14 am

    Electric blankets are scary….Maggie is scary…..A frightening looking dummy to test a frightening product. That’s poetic jutice.

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