The Electric Nostrilizer (Feb, 1937)

Electric Vaporizer Devised
DEVELOPED to relieve the discomfort caused by nasal congestion and irritation, a new electric pocket vaporizer resembles a flashlight in construction. It consists of a specially designed metal case shaped like a fountain pen and uses two small batteries.

A patented bulb featuring a special filament as well as two depressed openings—one on top and the other on the side—is screwed into one end of the case. Vapor liquid is dropped into the side opening and is converted into vapor by a slight pressure on an electric switch button. The device was developed by a St. Louis, Mo., laboratory, which produces liquid.

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  1. Stannous says: July 27, 20068:00 pm

    whew! I though that this electric vaporizer was a phaser for nostril hair until I read the description.

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