The everything set (Jun, 1979)

The everything set

It’s a carry-along entertainment and information center—AM, FM, CB, public service, aircraft, and weather bands, three-inch TV, cassette tape—along with a built-in mike and sleep switch. Six D cells power it. It’s $249.95, from Sampo, 1050 Arthur Ave., Elk Grove Village, III. 60007.

  1. blast says: April 30, 201311:03 am

    Does all of the above, but none of it terribly well, I’m guessing. At least it has modern 1980s plastic styling. In the same time period someone gave me a multi-band radio with a body of faux-reptilian plastic-skin-over-cardboard.

  2. Darren says: April 30, 20136:47 pm

    At first I thought it was from Sanyo but on closer inspection it reads Sampo. I’ve never heard of Sampo

  3. Charlene says: April 30, 20138:36 pm
  4. Bill Thompson says: May 1, 201312:44 pm

    Battery-powered DTV tuner not included.

    I miss the days of real television signals.

  5. Hirudinea says: May 1, 20131:26 pm

    Around 2000 Sampo released a DVD player that you could, if you knew how to get to the secrt menu, turn off the Macrovision copy protection so you could copy a DVD (probably to a VHS tape.).

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