This personal “preview” car peeks into the future with new features that designer claims public will soon demand.

WHAT kind of car will you be driv-ing five to 15 years from now and what features will you, the buyer, demand? That’s the question to which designer William Flajole, advanced styling consultant for American Motors Corp., thinks he knows the answer. To prove it he has built and will exhibit at the Detroit Historical Museum, August 15-28, his personal “preview” car, the beautiful Forerunner on this page.

Representing an investment of about $80,000 in materials and staff design time, this Fiberglas-bodied car is built over a modified Jaguar chassis and motor and features a Plexiglas canopy top which rolls back into the tear-drop-shaped tail deck at the push of a button. Its airline-type seats are built up seven inches higher than usual and have bolsters designed to support head and shoulders and reduce fatigue.

  1. Mike says: December 9, 200810:01 am

    They told me I would be driving a flying car by now.

  2. sweavo says: December 9, 200810:30 am

    I can’t tell you how much I need that car right now!

    It can probably do about 110mph and is probably painful above 60.

  3. Neil Russell says: December 9, 200811:57 am

    Wow. This thing is proof positive that the best thing to ever happen to AMC was Dick Teague.

  4. Tracy B. says: December 9, 20084:40 pm

    I thought the metropolitan was pretty good

  5. Marco McClean says: December 10, 200811:24 pm

    The spring-loaded roof panel can be sharpened to level off your date’s beehive hairdo. Also, you’d train your own hair to grow straight up (using bearing grease and a comb) (which most boys are doing nowadays anyway without needing to be told to). Then, whenever you need a trim, press the release catch and POW! Never pay for another haircut. This is truly the car of the future.

    The super-strong tubular bumper ovals are also an attractive feature. Fill them with anything: chocolate syrup, vodka, backup radium fuel pellets– really, anything. And the clever grill on the hood for steaming perfect flajoles while you drive, or while you lounge at poolside… Hang your dish-towel and apron on the bumper.

    The greatest feature of all, though: the startled vacuous giant demon eyes glaring from the face on the side of the car. The side, not the front or rear. How often does one see that?

  6. Bill F says: April 6, 20093:23 am

    Speaking for the Curator Staff at both the BlackHawk Automotive Museum and the Detroit Historical Museum, “this is one of the most beautiful cars ever designed”. Very advanced “Lines” for this time period. Professionals recognize this fact and Amateurs need not apply.

  7. olmon says: May 1, 201112:43 am

    “Speaking TO the Curator Staff at both the BlackHawk Automotive Museum and the Detroit Historical Museum” & particularly Bill F – – Doesn’t take a “Pro” to recognize ugly & several features of that car cannot be described adequately by any other word – – That was 1955 – – The Corvette was better looking, The Thunderbird was better looking. I could go on. That mirror on to of the windshield – that showed where his head was. The car is interesting, but far from being one of the most beautiful ever designed and the lines were fairly common for the time, definitely not advanced.

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