The FREAK of the Month – No. 2 (Jan, 1931)

The FREAK of the Month – No. 2
THE most unusual design brought to our attention this month is the air liner invented by Mr. R. Knott of Lewisham, England, who hopes to cross the Atlantic with a ship of this type carrying 600 passengers in from 12 to 15 hours.

  1. ronan says: May 29, 20085:39 am

    An “Airscrew”-propelled airplane, now that’s a neat idea! I guess the airplane can be used as an efficient tunnel borer in case of crash.

  2. jayessell says: May 29, 20088:20 am

    Charlie, is there a #1, #3 and so on?

  3. Neil Russell says: May 29, 200810:06 am

    That “air screw” business was one of those things that just wouldn’t go away in the 30s.

    Was there ever a real-world application of it? I know that it was popular for watercraft at one time too, but again, other than Bushnell’s Turtle, has it gotten a lot of use?

  4. Charlie says: May 29, 200810:46 am

    jayessell: I know have #1, it was a very short lived feature, I’m not even sure there was a #3.

  5. Juan Pablo de la Colina says: July 14, 20083:19 pm

    Hi, Im a free printed magazine publisher from Mexico City and I was wondering if I can take some of the contents of your page to make a kind of section of the magazine that is non-profit. Can anybody help me in this?

  6. Myles says: September 10, 200810:17 am

    Does the inventor realize that for vertical take off the thrust has to more than equal the weight of that monster? Also co-ordinating the power of 8 lifting propellers spread widely on the plane in real time is going to be fun.

  7. ehutch says: January 7, 20094:19 pm

    i think the inventor is dead. the technology does exist for the “heli plane”. he was just a bit ahead of his time.

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