The FREAK of the MONTH~No. 1 (Dec, 1930)

The FREAK of the MONTH~No. 1
The oddest contraption which has been brought to our attention this month is the Outboard Ski-Plane now being constructed by C. T. Elle, of Chicago. The idea is that when the boat gets up speed the front of the skis will be raised, causing the boat to come to the surface. When wind gets under the wing it is supposed to furnish enough lift to permit the boat to skip over the waves.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: June 3, 20089:32 am

    This series should be called “Death-Machine of the Month.”

  2. andrew fortune says: June 17, 20087:46 am

    its similar in concept to a WIG like the caspian sea-monster
    although its a bit more likely to just kill you

  3. brian t says: August 13, 20085:06 am

    Yep, the Ground Effect idea is generally OK, and there are hobbyists doing this kind of thing today. Have a look at the projects on… . The huge Russian one was called the Ekranoplan, and Boeing have the “Pelican Ultra” concept design.

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