The Greatest Mother in the World (Apr, 1918)

The Greatest Mother in the World

Stretching forth her hands to all in need—to Jew or Gentile, black or white, knowing no favorite, yet favoring all.

Seeing all things with a mother’s sixth sense that’s blind to jealousy and meanness; helping the little home that’s crushed beneath an iron hand by showing mercy in a healthy, human way; rebuilding it, in fact, with stone on stone and bringing warmth, to hearts and hearths too long neglected.

Reaching out her hands across the sea to No Man’s Land; to heal and comfort thousands who must fight and bleed in crawling holes and water-soaked entrenchments where cold and wet bite deeper, so they write, than Boche steel or lead.

She’s warming thousands, feeding thousands, healing thousands from her store; the Greatest Mother in the World—the RED CROSS.

Every Dollar of a Red Cross War Fund goes to War Relief

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