The Improved Quiet SI-WEL-CLO Shaped to conform to Natures Laws (Mar, 1930)

The Improved Quiet SI-WEL-CLO Shaped to conform to Natures Laws

MEDICAL science influenced the unique shape of the Improved Quiet Si-wel-clo. Authorities have agreed that a seat should encourage a natural sitting position. It stands to reason that the organs and muscles of elimination are not easily stimulated to action if forced into a position never intended by nature.

The exceeding comfort of the Si-wel-clo saddle seat minimizes the unhygienic tendency, especially noticeable in children, to grudge sufficient time for proper elimination. The decided dip in the rim elevates the front and rear of the bowl opening, reducing the possibility of soiling.

The Quiet Si-wel-clo water-closet makes a bathroom more sanitary, more beautiful and quieter.

Dripping and gurgling sounds which emanate from ordinary water-closets are almost absent.

The Si-wel-clo is one of many charming and durable plumbing fixtures belonging to the TE-PE-CO family. They all carry the star in the circle trade mark as a guarantee of superb quality. Look for it whenever you equip a bathroom or kitchen. For your guidance we shall send you our booklet, “Bathrooms of Character” V-4, upon receipt of 10c in stamps.


National Exhibit Rooms 101 Park Ave., New York City Entrance on 41st Street Export Office: 115 Broad St., New York City

Sales Offices in Philadelphia, Boston and San Francisco.

OUR GUARANTEE—We make but one grade of ware—the best that can be produced—and sell it at reasonable prices. We sell no seconds or culls. Our ware is guaranteed to be equal in quality and durability to any sanitary ware made in the world. The Te-pe-co trade mark is found on all goods manufactured by us and is your guarantee that you have received that for which you have paid.


  1. Hirudinea says: October 22, 201212:26 pm

    If you had one of these toilets today (retro bathroom) I wonder how you’ed ever get a seat for it?

  2. experiment 626 says: October 23, 20128:20 am

    @Hirudinea I think you might be able to take a brand new seat and heat it up in your oven and use the toilet as a mold but the thought of burning your ass sitting on it for a weight is not worth it so I think you might have to get one made from scratch from a plastic company but your question makes me wonder how many of these crappers were tossed simply because the owners couldn’t find a seat? If I saw one despite it being gross I would save one indeed!

  3. Hirudinea says: October 23, 20121:50 pm

    Heat up a toilet seat in the oven and mould it to the toilet by sitting on it? I’ed love to hear the 911 call resulting from that!

  4. EMF says: October 24, 201210:12 am

    Interesting…even the Toilet Museum only has a copy of the ad but no picture of the actual product. Wonder how many of these were made?

  5. experiment 626 says: October 24, 201211:44 am

    @Hirudinea I never thought of that but I think it would be put in the ranks of Big bill’sHell used cars and the Winnebago man and make its way around the net for bad reasons!

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