The Inventor’s Congress Presents— (Oct, 1935)

The Inventor’s Congress Presents—

A comfortable seat which can be folded up pocket size is demonstrated here by Miss Jane Kinney as she visited the National Inventors Trade Fair and Congress in Chicago. Above—Cigarette smokers who constitute a fire hazard when smoking in bed inspired the invention illustrated above. The cigarette holder has its own ash tray and a long tube makes smoking in bed a luxury.

Circle—This queer looking gadget is an anchor for small fishing boats. The prongs dig into the mud or sand to hold the boat stationary, but if a snag is encountered, a quick pull bends the prongs back on spring hinges. Right—These double scales can tell if you carry more weight on one leg than the other. Doctors say the device will aid in correcting poor posture. More weight on one leg than on the other strains the spine.

Baby can bounce in the water with this new aquatic ring. An inflated tube is used to float a frame and the baby is placed in the seat where he cannot fall out. The device aids the youngster in overcoming fear of the water.

  1. Rick Auricchio says: August 31, 20075:22 pm

    That boat anchor looks interesting. Wonder if it ever caught on (no pun intended)?

  2. KHarn says: March 9, 20089:22 am

    Look at what the smoking lady is reading. Product Placement Alert!

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