“The loser’s stuck to take her home” (Dec, 1936)

“The loser’s stuck to take her home”

THE very boys who used to seek her out, now match to see who will be “stuck” to take her home. That’s what halitosis (bad breath) can do to a girl, without her ever suspecting the reason for the sudden change in her fortunes. Too bad that this offensive condition doesn’t announce itself to the victim instead of to the victim’s friends.

Listerine’s Four Benefits

Why offend others needlessly? To put yourself on the agreeable side, before social and business engagements rinse the mouth with Listerine, the quick deodorant. Millions of people use Listerine every day simply because of its wholly delightful effect.

When you use Listerine in your mouth, four things happen:

(1) Fermentation of tiny food particles (the major cause of breath odors) is instantly halted.

(2) Decaying matter is swept from large areas on mouth, gum, and tooth surfaces.

(3) Millions of bacteria capable of causing odors are destroyed outright.

(4) The breath itself, indeed the entire mouth, is freshened and sweetened.

For Definite Results

If you would be safe rather than sorry, agreeable rather than offensive, use Listerine and Listerine only for oral hygiene. Use it particularly before all business and social engagements. For fifty years, Listerine has been outstanding for its marked deodorant power.

Lambert Pharmacal Company

St. Louis, Missouri

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  1. Chas says: May 3, 200811:07 am

    Well at least she wasn’t drooling all over herself.

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