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Who’s the “lady” you saw in those filthy movies?

Hold fast! She may be your wife!

Here’s how the chance attendance of an irate husband at a stag party exploded the biggest scandal of smut-on-celluloid



These explosive words came from the lips of an irate New York husband last March. And they set police on the trail of not one — but more than 300! — girls who were taking off all, and many of them giving all, in front of some of the most overheated cameras in the country.

Any man who’s ever seen a “sex movie” will understand why this husband was so excited. A man married to a legitimate movie actress often gets jealous seeing his wife simply being kissed on the screen. Imagine how he’d feel if he saw her in a film where kissing was just part of the action — the mildest part!

The husband in New York did more than just howl. He pointed out taverns on Staten Island, just across the bay, where, he said, men hung out who recruited girls for these sexy cinematics.

And in doing so he began the breaking up of a million-dollar smut movie ring that police believe is only a small arm of a much larger outfit operating from New York to Hollywood, and which has yet to be smashed.

Before giving inside information on this giant network of vice, that stretches like a vast spiderweb over the entire nation, reaching into every city, it would be worthwhile to look below the surface of the local branch that is still in process of being cleaned up.

It’s a perfect example of how amazingly simple it is for a single man to get a smut factory into operation — and of how frightfully fast and hugs some of these obscene octopuses can grow.

In one of the Staten Island taverns pointed out by the horrified New York husband, police found Robert Rosch, a 21-year-old clerk for a Wall Street brokerage house. It was Rosch’s sideline to hang around bars and pick up girls who looked as if they’d look good without their clothes on. Acting ability was unimportant. If he could get them in front of the camera, they’d only have to “do what comes naturally”. “CAST OF CHARACTERS”

Rosch put his heart in his work — as well as himself. Very often, police say, when things began to really sizzle in the camera’s viewfinder, Rosch would be unable to resist the urge to throw himself into the salacious scenes. And there are certain types of men who wouldn’t charge overtime for such extra work.

Edwin Davis, a bellhop by day and a director of smutty movies by night, was another who couldn’t resist acting in his own epics. Maybe it’s one of the occupational hazards of the trade. Davis directed and did a variety of other things in a movie with Ann Farmer, a 23-year-old ex-barmaid who was one of the stars of these celluloid sexapades.

When caught, she at first refused to admit having taken any part in any pornographic proceedings whatsoever. But when the District Attorney began running several hundred feet of confiscated film thru his projector, Mr. Farmer’s daughter couldn’t bear to watch her antics on the screen for more than a few minutes before she began sobbing out her confession.

There wasn’t much else she could do. livery ounce of her talents were completely exposed on the film, and there were innumerable means of identification. She hadn’t even bothered to wear a bag over her head — as some of the more shy actresses have sometimes done, in the mistaken belief that all cats look gray in the dark of a projection room when their faces are covered.

Ann Farmer, who got all of $20 to $25 for each raw film she flaunted her femininity in, had been procured for the parts by none other than the Head Man himself. This turned out to be 52-year-old Daniel Malone, an innocuous looking fellow who by daylight was none other than the deputy chief inspector for the Department of Water Supply!

Malone had held this job for 30 years. And the city was paying him $6,400 a year when it discovered he was sometimes making as much as that in a single week at his homework!

The pornography peddler and his eager assistants didn’t need much equipment — just a good camera and a couple of lights. Many of their torrid epics, as in the case of Ann Farmer, were shot right in the girl’s apartment Or a $10-a-night hotel room would do just as well. The films were then developed in a garage behind Malone’s home.

When they raided the garage, police found over $500,000 worth of pornographic movies on the spot. The fantastic extent of the business carried on from just this one place alone can be judged from that fact, as well as from the long list of names Malone had in his files of girls willing to pose for his brand of pictures.

There were over 300 girls on the lists of the smutty movie maker! Everyone old enough to know that all girls are not good girls knows there are certain types who will let certain photographers snap them in poses and states of undress that decent people don’t talk about.

But over 300 of them — that’s a whole army!

The average citizen always thought these girls were few and very far between, and that practically all of them were just run-down prostitutes who found themselves with no other way to turn a trick at the moment.

But here were several hundred of them, many of whom were no more prostitutes than the girl next door. In fact, many of them were, in everyday life, just as innocent appearing as any girl next door — as the irate husband found out when he discovered that his own wife was a sexpert movie actress!

And when you realize that this was only one man’s list, and that there are many hundreds more lewd movie mak- ers throughout the country with lists of their own — it begins to look as if every girl and her sister is taking off her clothes and flaunting her fascinating facets at photographers these days.

And the facts aren’t too far from this, at that.

Actually there are very few girls today who have not at one time or another posed nude in front of a camera — whether in the hands of a professional or amateur, or just in the hands of their own boyfriend or husband!

Naturally most of this posing isn’t really “pornographic”. It usually hides behind a far-fetched use of the word “art”. The important point is, however, that photographers who like to see the naked truth finding it all too easy to get girls to pose for them these days. It’s gotten so the gals have the clothes off their backs almost before you can get the camera in focus. “MONROE DID IT”

And it’s mainly because the boys have changed their line.

Formerly a panting photographer, eager to get his sights set right, would talk himself hoarse trying to convince the model there was no chance of the pictures hurting her career.

Now he tells her they’re sure to HELP it!

Formerly most models would think they were being taken for suckers if they gave in and posed in their birthday suits.

Now they’re told they’re suckers if they don’t.

And the magic wand that whips the cloth off their curves faster than you can shuck an ear of corn is a single name: Marilyn Monroe!

“Monroe did it, didn’t she? Did it hurt HER?”

She was working in a factory, and lucky to get that job, when a photographer spotted that custom built chassis, shot her peeled to the pink, and what happened?

Did she go to jail? Did she get branded as a wicked woman, shunned by decent people because she brazenly posed with “nothing but the radio on”?

Obviously not. Today Marilyn’s buried in rich furs and jewels. When she buys a house, the price she pays runs into six figures – all on the left of the decimal point. She’s married to a famous playwright, a highly respected man. And she’s the hottest thing at the box office, the dreamgirl of millions of males from Boston to Bombay.

Not only was she not hurt by her nude pictures — the consensus of opinion is she wouldn’t have gotten far without them. How well this doll looks in nothing but her creamy skin against a deep red background is matched only by how bad she was as an actress.

The start of her rise to stardom coincided exactly with newspaper stories about how she had “once” (wanna bet?) posed in the nude, and with the sudden appearance of tons of her nude calendar pix from coast to coast.

If Marilyn’s success story doesn’t convince a chick of the value of chucking her clothes, the photographer clinches the caper by reeling off the names of other girls who jumped on the Monroe bandwagon with smashing success.

Jayne Mansfield, Diana Dors, Anita Ekberg — each of these now-famous femmes followed the Monroe Doctrine so closely that in many of their pix they even look like Marilyn, right down to the carefully moistened, sensuously parted lips above wide expanses of naked flesh.

Another hot method which photographers used to sometimes con a girl into posing nude would be by swearing to retouch or handle the pictures in such a way that nobody could possibly recognize her. Today the same girl would break your arm if you tried that. Where would Marilyn be if no one had been able to recognize her on that celebrated calendar!

They want every one of their uncovered charms to be recognized as their very own!

Whatever Marilyn could do, they can do better — they think. And a lot of them can. But that doesn’t mean they’ll have her luck. For every nude model whose name ends up on a marquee, there are several hundred — at least — whose names end up on police blotters.

Not that it was all luck for the MM girl. Because if a hush-hush story — which was never officially denied either by Marilyn or her studio — was true, she fell victim to one of the biggest evils in the naughty nudes field.

That is the blackmail trap.

Posing nude for “art” is one thing. Posing for obscene pictures, whether moving or otherwise, where every pose and detail is brought into sharp, drooling focus, is something quite different.

Or so it seems at first. But you’d be surprised how easily it is for a girl to drift from “art” to obscenity once she begins posing with her clothes off. As Confucious said: “Girl who takes off slip slips most easily”.

And even when the final picture produced by the photographer might be “clean enough to go into a family magazine, he’s usually taken a bunch of others that are not so good—some of them having been snapped when the model was in an awkward, and oftentimes, damning, position.

Then, too, there are unscrupulous lensmen who will deliberately sneak in a few shots while the model is not yet ready. Some will even have a hidden camera taking obscene angles while the main camera is getting the “arty” stuff.


In any case, these pictures are kept in the files, always there to present a possible source of trouble if the girl becomes famous or even just settles down and marries a nice guy who wouldn’t “understand” how a girl could ever let herself pose so intimately — or vulgarly — for anyone.

Blackmail is a popular pastime among the makers of dirty films. Some of them make more money that way in the long run than they do from their pornographic sales themselves.

If you don’t pay what they ask, those films, or still pictures will be anonymously sent to the person you’d least like to see them. And the most vicious part of this racket is that you are never sure, even though you might have paid off a hundred times, how many copies there could be of the same scandalous shots — even how many duplicate negatives — might still be in existence, or who might have them.

The girl who poses for a pornography dealer and then goes on to a position in work or marriage where such pictures might harm her has a Sword of Damocles hanging over her head the rest of her life. At any moment, anywhere, one of the pictures might turn up, ruining everything.

For a miserable $20 to $25 — and sometimes even less — she has taken a chance of making the rest of her life a nightmare.

Strangely enough, this obvious danger is completely overlooked by all too many girls. As a result, pornography has passed from the hands of small back-alley operators into the control of big rings operating for the most part out of two cities — New York and Los Angeles.

Because beautiful girls from all over the country flock to these two cities for work, they have become the breeding grounds for the snakes who deal in sex for sale. The official viewpoint on pornography is a lot more broad-minded in these places also, with the result that even if a filth peddler is caught with the goods, he’ll usually get off with a mere couple of hundred dollars fine or a very short term in jail.

Things like that can easily be endured when you’re operating a business that sometimes brings in as much as $3000 a day!


Each week over 150,000 circulars go out into the mails, mainly from these two metropolises. They’re addressed to names derived from carefully collected mailing lists which are passed on, for a price, from one pornography dealer to another.

The circulars and letters give descriptions of lewd movies and picture “sets” that are available for a price — descriptions carefully worded to arouse the sexual curiosity of most males, but especially of adolescents up to 70 years of age — who either thru lack of opportunities or of initiative have been unable to gratify their glandular urges in normal ways.

You have to answer these circulars quickly if you want to place an order, because the senders, in order to elude the police, have to change their addresses every few weeks.

Other dealers have men sitting in cars parked near schools – schools everywhere – with suitcases full of pornographic playing cards, 8mm movies and even pornographic hi-fi phonograph records!

One of the biggest sources of income for the smut peddlers are stag parties. When the boys at the office decide to have a party — for men only — at some local hotel, they pay a pornography dealer from $50 to $100 for movies so hot they would singe your hair off at 20 paces.

The fellows get a great kick out of watching the unbelievably lewd shennigans of the girls in the movies. Sometimes the movies are so dirty they leave a viewer feeling guilty when, after seeing them, he goes home to his Little Woman, who’s waiting up for him with an invitation to take tea and see.

Some of these same husbands would teel somewhat less guilty if they knew that while they were having a “night out with the boys” the Little Woman was also having a night out — cutting capers in front of a camera.

The fellow who goes to a stag party to see “Dirty Movies” had better save his yaks until he takes a better look at the face of the gal who’s playing the part of the unfaithful — and completely nude — married woman on the screen.

The wife he sees might be his own!

  1. Hirudinea says: June 8, 201212:45 pm

    How times have changed, this happens every day on the internet now.

  2. Rick Auricchio says: June 9, 20128:50 am

    My God! Clark Kent busted by the Vice Squad!

  3. Thousand-Yard-Stare says: June 10, 20129:41 pm

    “Actually there are very few girls today who have not at one time or another posed nude in front of a camera”


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