The mild cigarette the athletes smoke is the mild cigarette for YOU! (Jun, 1935)

The mild cigarette the athletes smoke is the mild cigarette for YOU!


A cigarette so mild you can smoke all you want— that’s what athletes say about Camels. And when a champion talks about “condition”—”wind”—healthy nerves — real tobacco mildness—he knows what he’s talking about.

Listen to Gene Sarazen. “Traveling and playing as much as I do—I have to keep in condition. I smoke Camels steadily. They’re so mild they never get my ‘wind’ or nerves.”

Other athletes back him up. “I smoke all I want and yet keep in top condition; I smoke Camels and only Camels,” says Mel Ott, home-run hitter of the New York Giants. Georgia Coleman, Olympic champion diver, says: “Camels don’t cut down on my ‘wind.'” Bill Miller, outstanding oarsman; Jim Lancaster, N.Y.U.’s 1934 basketball captain; John Skillman, squash champion—hundreds of sports stars smoke Camels regularly and report that Camels never get their “wind.”

What this mildness means to you!

It means you can smoke Camels all you want. Athletes have made this discovery: Camel’s costlier tobaccos are so mild, they can smoke them as often as they please, without disturbing their “wind” or nerves.

CONDITION IS IMPORTANT TO YOU —on vacation, in the office, at home. You can keep “in condition,” yet smoke all you please. Athletes say: “Camels never get your wind.”


Camels are made from finer, MORE EXPENSIVE TOBACCOS — Turkish and Domestic — than any other popular brand.
{Signed) R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company, Winston-Salem, N.C.

  1. rsterling78 says: June 13, 20087:58 pm

    When your ad repeatedly points out that your product won’t cause respiratory distress or anxiety, it kind of implies that’s exactly what it will do, doesn’t it?

  2. nlpnt says: June 15, 20084:37 pm

    Sort of like ebay listings- “RARE!!!!” means “Wal-Mart had only two of this item left for each exclamation point in the heading.”

    Or e-mail spam; “Legal” means “They probably won’t put you in maximum security if this is your first time”; “100% LEGAL!!!!!!!” means “Don’t drop the soap!”

  3. Blurgle says: June 15, 20085:11 pm

    nlpnt, my favourite chain letter spam was the one that said, “THIS IS 10% LEGAL!!”

    Finally, truth in advertising.

  4. jayessell says: June 15, 20087:49 pm

    Charlie, about the cover…
    ‘Phantom Raiders of the Air’? Is that a Republic Serial in 12 thrilling chapters?
    300 mph motorcycle… can he see to steer?
    I suppose the idea is ‘don’t steer’!

  5. rsterling78 says: June 15, 200810:36 pm

    Yeah, what was it about pop sci magazines of the early 20th Century? They seem to be a catalog of creative means of vehicular suicide. A 300 mph motorcycle? Can I park that next to the flying harness with helicopter blades whirling two feet above my head? Or the military jet pack that would give the enemy some easy target practice for their newest recruits?

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