The Misery Waltz (Jun, 1949)

The Misery Waltz

Oh Misery of Miseries!

But who forgot to look for the “Sanforized” trademark on those shorts? Who but your good, forgetful self? Now, as a result, you’re caught with gripping, binding shrinkage.

And it makes no sense at all, at all. For you know, we know, everybody and his brother and sister knows that “Sanforized” on a garment label says that the garment will never shrink out of fit!

So from this day on, insist on seeing “Sanforized” on your shirts, shorts, and pajamas. And, ladies— in your own mysterious department — do the same sensible thing!

The comfort never shrinks away from the garment with “Sanforized” on the label.

  1. Rick s. says: November 23, 201111:58 am

    Is it just me or does that guy look like Joe Paterno?


  2. Repack Rider says: November 23, 20114:46 pm

    Gotta love those garters.

  3. Steve Smith says: December 5, 201112:23 pm

    Gripping, binding shrinkage, is there anything worse? Probably causes a much higher number of road accidents than is acknowledged too.

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