The New 1951 Harley-Davidson HYDRA-GLIDE (Nov, 1950)

What a Honey!

The New 1951 Harley-Davidson HYDRA-GLIDE

SLEEK, smooth and beautiful. And what a performer. Takes off like a scared rabbit. Snuggles to the road like a clinging vine. Breezes over hills like a bird. Whisks you over rough spots with cloud-like ease … brings you thrill after thrill as you take in exciting race meets, hillclimbs, gypsy tours, sightseeing runs and other exclusive motorcycling fun events. You’ve never really been places and seen things until you’ve ridden this dazzler! Every moment in the saddle is fascinating. Every trip brings new adventures and new companionships. See your dealer today. Mail the coupon now.

  1. Al Bear says: May 9, 20087:32 am

    M-You’re such a honey! I love you,
    W-Why thank you!
    M-Not you, I’m talking to my Harley D!

  2. KHarn says: May 16, 20084:49 pm

    “Takes off like a scared rabbit.”

    A rather unfortunate selling point for a Harley Davidson!

  3. SL says: March 1, 200911:17 pm

    You can try any other brand, from BMW, through BSA and Triumph, CZ and Suzuki, Honda and Ducati; none beats Harley Davidson, not even Indian! The one and only comparable might be the Vincent Black Lightning.Harley is forever.

  4. Toronto says: March 2, 20092:37 am

    SL – I’d vote for the BMW, especially when talking vintage-to-vintage.

    Charlie – have you ever come across copies of “Enthusiast” magazine in your travels?

  5. Charlie says: March 2, 20098:59 am

    Toronto: nope, never heard of it.

  6. Don says: March 2, 200911:45 am

    “You can’t beat an Indian Scout;
    Or its big brother the Chief;
    They’re built like rocks;
    To take hard knocks;
    It’s the Harley’s that cause all the grief.”

  7. David P Springer says: May 24, 200912:47 pm

    My first bike was 51 panhead. It was faded red with white fiberglass bags and a two tone windshield. Everyone was chopping their bikes up in the sixties. I stripped it, looked at it, and reassembled it to original. I couldn’t mess with such a stunning bike. Today I ride a 03 Heritage, kind of a flashback to my old 51. I have had several in between but this is as close as I could get to that first experience.
    ps , still miss that shifter…

  8. Norton Bisetto says: August 16, 201111:27 am

    I had a 51 Hydra-Glide down here in Brazil , I bougth it in the late 70’s and I owned it until 2008 when I comited a mistake and sold it to buy a 2005 heritage but no emotion like ride a suicide shift Panhead, your legs won’t stop shaking! Today I am trying to transform it in to a Hydra style with no succsses. Those bikes are the best ones, have you see any other one riding around with that much of respect ( and noise )? sorry BMW guys….

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