The New 20th Century Limited (Nov, 1938)

The New 20th Century Limited
JETTING new standards for comfort, beauty and luxury in railroad transportation, the new 20th Century Limited of the New York Central System operates on the fastest schedule—16 hours— ever made in regular service between New York and Chicago, flashing over the rails at speeds up to 80 m.p.h. The Limited consists of 62 cars and 10 streamlined locomotives operated in four sections. The train is the first all-room type in America, the sleeping cars consisting of roomettes, bedrooms, compartments and drawing rooms, there being no berths. The public cars—lounge, observation and dining cars—are all of new and unusual design, featuring colored lights, circular tables and attractive drapery, as shown in the accompanying photos. The new 20th Century Limited marks the 36th anniversary of the world-famous train’s first run.

  1. Zak says: April 26, 20111:43 am

    As all a railroader, a rail fan, and one who loves art deco design, this post made me VERY happy.

    No, not that kind of happy, you pervs.

  2. Tom says: April 26, 20117:09 am

    Despite the time it took it sounds much better than the packed airliner today. Screaming kids, claustrophobic seating, surly flight attendents, and the general airport nighmare do not make for a pleasant or enjoyable journey.

  3. Hirudinea says: April 26, 20114:55 pm

    Yea Tom, and you didn’t have to drive to hell and gone out to the Airport and get your goodies groped by some rent a cop.

  4. Timaay says: April 28, 20116:15 pm

    But, you can still travel by train and usually for less. I try to go by train whenever i can.

  5. Toronto says: April 28, 20116:44 pm

    The biggest problem with trains these days are the railroads that run them. Both Amtrak in the US and VIA Rail in Canada have all sorts of odd luggage rules, mainly related to where and when you can board or debark with anything checked.

    For example, you cannot check any luggage in Ottawa, Canada’s Capital. Nor could I get checked luggage on a multi-legged Amtrak from Buffalo to New Orleans. (Yet VIA let me bring a touring bicycle from Montreal to Toronto for no extra fee.)

    Another time, I was fed a lecture on how to use the emergency staircase – similar to using the wing exit on an aircraft. I interrupted the conductor to ask why he was targeting me, since I was traveling with a toddler and didn’t think I should be the person responsible for the entire car’s safety. He restarted his lecture from the top. I stopped him again, and he told me my options were to either take the “job” or leave the train. (I complained and was offered a 50% off ticket (1) that was valid for 30 days – rather insulting.

    I love trains. I hate railroads.

  6. danny66000 says: November 4, 20137:03 pm

    Love anything trains. I worked in the 1970’s in Green River Wyoming as a caboose supply man. Loved it. Worked there until they did away with the caboose. My job became obsolete.

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