The new instructor gets a hearty welcome (Nov, 1950)

I guess that counts as portable, but damn would I love to have an electron microscope to play with.

The new instructor gets a hearty welcome

You’ve read, in both newspapers and magazines, about the powerful electron microscope. Now this amazing “instructor” of scientists and physicians becomes even more useful — in more research fields.

Through basic principles uncovered at RCA Laboratories, RCA engineers have developed a compact “table model” electron microscope, at a price which makes it practical for use in an increased number of universities, industries, hospitals, clinics. So simplified is the new instrument that a high school student or unskilled laboratory technician can quickly learn to use it!

Magnifications of 6000 times can be obtained directly in RCA’s portable electron microscope—four times that of ordinary light microscopes —and photography lifts this to 30,000! A new “instructor,” yes —and one that gets a very hearty welcome.

Radio Corporation of America

  1. nlpnt says: January 23, 20084:16 pm

    1.I supposed I’d call it “luggable”, but where’s the handle(s)

    2.Wouldn’t the smoke from the cigarette burning next to it ruin the results of anything small enough to be observed by electron microscope?

    3.Why haven’t the learned professors in the room removed the oversize novelty glasses that could only have been placed on the university’s expensive, prized new electron microscope by undergraduate pranksters?

  2. Mitch Gillett says: February 4, 20087:37 pm

    I actually had one of those sitting in the graduate student offices back in 1986. It might of worked, but it was just stored there till it was given to the campus museum. Has two other boxes that were the control and power source.
    I’d love to get one and get it going too!

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