The “NOSE-TEST” will tell you the plain truth about ANTI-FREEZE (Dec, 1934)

The “NOSE-TEST” will tell you the plain truth about ANTI-FREEZE

From the standpoint of evaporation there are two kinds of anti-freeze—the kind that boils away and the kind that does not boil away. There is no middle ground. Some boil-away antifreezes, however, have been “treated” to “decrease evaporation,” and many car owners may get the impression that such products are all-Winter, one-shot, non-evaporating anti-freeze. Such an impression would be wrong. For such anti-freezes boil off rapidly when the engine is operating at high speed. An easy way to make sure that you get an all-Winter, one-shot product is by the lack of odor. Eveready Prestone is absolutely odorless—all boil-away anti-freezes, on the other hand, have a noticeable odor.

Guaranteed All-Winter Protection
Don’t confuse Eveready Prestone with either glycerine or alcohol. Eveready Prestone is a one-shot, guaranteed anti-freeze, that will not boil off. And Eveready Prestone is also your best defense against rusting and corrosion in your car’s cooling system. It protects against rust from 5 to 20 times longer than other anti-freezes.

Play Safe—Save Money
It costs very little to have the guaranteed protection against freeze-up and rust provided by Eveready Prestone. On Page 27 is a chart, showing exactly how much is needed to protect your car. Also on that page note the Eveready Prestone guarantee.

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