The only complete document proofreading system: GRAMMATiK + PROOF READER = NO ERRORS (May, 1982)

Spell check your document in under four minutes!

The only complete document proofreading system: GRAMMATiK + PROOF READER = NO ERRORS

GRAMMATiK – Beyond Spelling Checking
PROOF READER – The Aspen Software Company Spelling Checker

For CP/M®, TRS-80®, and 8086/8088 Word Processors.

Don’t settle for a partial proofreading program. There are other spelling checkers available, but only Aspen Software offers a complete document proofreading system.

The Aspen Software Company spelling checker is Proofreader. We’ve been improving Proofreader since it was first released in early 1981. The newest version is fully menu driven, and so simple to use thai you probably won’t even need the comprehensive user’s manual that’s included. It has a large 38,000 word fully expandable dictionary, and can check even your largest documents in under four minutes (even faster on most systems). Proofreader’s dictionary is almost twice as large as some, so you won’t have to spend so much time adding new words. And Proofreader is totally accurate. Proofreader looks up every word in its dictionary and does not artificially extend its dictionary size with less accurate prefix and suffix analysis like some others. (Beware: Most checkers with “vocabularies” of 50,000 or more words use this method and can miss some misspelled words!) The entire 38.000 word dictionary takes only 100,000 bytes of disk space.

Proofreader does not simply mark the errors in your document like some checkers, but allows you to make corrections interactively. with the full context of each unknown word displayed. You can correct mistakes, leave unknown words alone, or add words to the dictionary. Unlike most spelling checkers, you also have complete interactive access to the dictionary while correcting. so you won’t need to keep a separate dictionary to look up words manually. Each correction is automatically double checked in the dictionary, and with a single command, Proofreader can almost always show you the correct spelling of a word. (Interactive correction optional on TRS-80 Model I/III, included on all other versions. TRS-80 versions do not support interactive dictionary look up.)

Spelling checking alone is not enough! Aspen Software’s Grammatik goes beyond simple spelling checking. No one else has anything like it. First. Grammatik will check your document

for common typos (such as doubled words: “the the”), and punctuation and capitalization errors (e.g., “STicky shift key”). It also checks for poor writing style using a dictionary of over 500 misused phrases as defined in many writer’s style manuals. Grammatik classifies each error it finds, marks the errors for easy correction with your word processor, and provides suggestions for correcting the problem. The phrase dictionary can easily be expanded to include checking for esoteric jargon or your own personal pet peeves. Grammatik also collects other information that can help you judge the style of the document, and can produce a profile of word usage.

Grammatik is receiving rave reviews from both critics and users. Bob Louden in InfoWorld (12/7/81): “If you use a word processor and a spelling checker, then you should investigate the unique capabilities of this program. Grammatik is a surprisingly fast and easy tool for analyzing writing style and punctuation.” Eric Balkan in The Computer Consultant: “I’m impressed with the imagination that went into this product.” Many users call or write to tell us how much they like Grammatik. Some typical remarks: “Great!”, “Thanks for making my life easier.”, “I’m not just happy. I’m ecstatic!”. Grammatik has also been selected as an officially approved Osborne Computer software package and will soon be appearing at Osborne dealers.

Only Proofreader and Grammatik can provide you with complete document proofreading, and together cost less than some spelling checkers alone. Proofreader and Grammatik have been designed to work with almost any CP/M, TRS-80. or 8086/8088 based word processor. While they have been designed to work together, they are available separately.

Aspen Software also has its own full featured word processor called Writer’s Companion for all these systems. One of the best implementations of Ratfor (Rational Fortran) is available, too, along with an automatic Ratfor pretty printer. Please call or write for more details about these products.

-CP/M versions require CP/M version 2 or later and at least 48K of RAM Standard 8″ single density. Northstar, Osborne 1. Omikron. and Apple formats available directly from Aspen Software. These and most other formats also available from Digital Marketing. Some CP’ M systems with limited disk capacity supplied with 28.000 word. 65.000 byte dictionary. Proofreader-$129.00. Grammatik $150.00. Both – $250.00.

Manuals only -18.00 each. $15.00 for both.

TRS-80 Model I/III versions require only one disk drive and 32K of RAM, and are compatible with all TRS-80 word processors and operating systems. Model II version requires 64K and 1 drive. TRS-80 Model I/III: Proofreader $59.00. Interactive correction option $30.00. Grammatik – $59.00 All $139.00 TRS-80 Model II: Proofreader – $99.00. Grammatik $99.00, Both -$179.00.

-The 8086 8088 version will run under MS/DOS or equivalent (including the IBM Personal Computer DOS). MS/DOS formats available include standard single density 8″ and IBM PC 5.25″. CP/M-86 versions scheduled for Summer 1982 availability. Proofreader $129.00. Grammatik-$150.00. Both – $250.00.

IMPORTANT ORDERING INFORMATION: You MUST specify computer model, operating system, memory size, and format and number of disk drives when ordering either software or manuals alone. Please include your phone number. All U.S.. Canada, and Mexico orders include first class shipping in price. Overseas please add $5.00. We accept cash, check, money order. VISA and Master Card. Sony, no UPS or COD service available. Purchase orders accepted from educational institutions and nationally recognized corporations only. Cost of manual only orders can be credited to final purchase. NM residents add 4% sales tax.

Aspen Software products distributed exclusively by Aspen Software Company and Digital Marketing. Dealer and OEM inquiries welcome. Trademarks: CP/M: Digital Research; TRS-80: Tandy Corp.; MS-DOS: Microsoft; Proofreader, Grammatik: Aspen Software Co.

P.O. Box 339 – A Tijeras, NM 87059 (505)281-1634

  1. Toronto says: October 25, 20117:34 am

    Speaking of proofreading, I very much doubt they released their software in 1481, despite what the OCR software thinks.

  2. Hirudinea says: October 25, 20118:31 am

    I remember the TRS-80 Model III, I always thought that’s what a computer should look like (that and the Commodore PET of course.)

  3. Buddy says: October 25, 201110:30 am

    Noticed one typo and one grammatical error in the original:

    * atificially vs. artificially
    * in many writer’s style documents vs. in many writers’ style documents

    In my younger days, I would let the company know of the mistakes so they could fix it for next run. As thanks, sometimes I’d get their software for free.

  4. M says: October 25, 20111:14 pm

    Hmmmm. Are thai and that interchangeable?

  5. Richard says: October 25, 20111:38 pm

    Another error, visible only on the picture of the original and not on the OCR, is the extra space before the comma in “Proofreader looks up every word in its dictionary , and does not …”

    The mixup between “that” and “thai” appears to be an OCR issue that was not present in the original.

  6. Toronto says: October 25, 20111:38 pm

    In the early 80s I built a spelling checker on a mini. I created a dictionary of about 32,000 words by crawling through hundreds and hundreds of on-line docs that had been “professionally written”, then sorting the resultant word list by frequency and skimming off the top.

    After all that, I still had some spelling errors in the top 100 words. It took weeks of manual effort to go through the whole list. I added the double word and double-cap traps as well – after you see so many of them you all but have to.

    But I wouldn’t have caught “writers'” vs “writer’s”, “thai” vs “that”, or other typos.

  7. M says: October 25, 20113:50 pm

    No, it wasn’t in the original. I still think it’s funny.

  8. Michael C says: October 25, 20114:17 pm

    Circle inquiry NO 7
    I have been downloading and google-ing information so long now, that I had forgotten that we used to fill in a card in the back of the magazines and mail off for promotional material.

  9. Mike says: October 25, 20116:58 pm

    I am trying to think of my first spelling/grammar checker I had for the MSDOS based PC. I recall the box, and software docs had bright yellow background or edge. The software came with a book on how to improve your writing. A friend said software will never be able to fully correct grammar. This was probably 1989/1990 or so.

  10. Don F says: October 26, 20112:41 am

    Eye halve a spelling chequer
    It came with my pea see
    It plainly marques four my revue
    Miss steaks eye kin knot sea.

  11. Don F says: October 26, 20112:43 am
  12. JMyint says: October 26, 20118:38 am

    Well Don spell checkers are just that, they check if the word is spelled right, not if it is the right word. Grammar checkers usually check tense and argument and common mistakes like you’re instead of your.

    These sentences have correct grammar and spelling, but have different meanings:

    What’s that in the road ahead? What’s that in the road, a head?

    In order for a computer to decide which is the correct sentence it would have to know what the writer was thinking when it was written.

  13. DrewE says: October 26, 201111:10 am

    I’m not so sure on “many writer’s style manuals” vs. “many writers’ style manuals.” The many is associated with the manuals; so the question is whether the manuals each pertain to the dashing dress and swagger of a single author rather than that of a group of authors!

    They probably should have worded it as “many writing style manuals,” which makes much more sense in the context.

  14. Buddy says: October 26, 201112:58 pm

    Yeah, English can be ambiguous. I read it as meaning:

    … 500 misused phrases as defined in the style manuals of many writers.

    I think your interpretation is better:

    … 500 misused phrases as defined in many writing style manuals.

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