The Pepsi Light (Jan, 1969)

The Pepsi Light

WITH two Pepsi cans and a scrounged piece of aluminum channel you can build our Pepsi Light for under $5. It uses high-intensity bulbs like the mini lights but operates on 117 volts and needs no transformer, as do the minis. You could use beer or other soft-drink cans but then you might have a Bud Light or a Coke Light.

First cut the pop tops off with a restaurant type opener. Or you can do it with snips and file the edges smooth. Mount an electric fixture swivel on each can, through the word taste. The hole must be larger than 3/8 in.; 25/64-in. is suggested. When drilling the thin metal, back it with a few strips of wood. Use a Yorkville Type 4314 1/8-in. male-to-male gyromatic swivel or equivalent.

Drill another hole the same size in the end of the can. As the socket is inserted into the can pass the attached wires through the swivel; then install the socket. Mount the completed heads on a piece of aluminum channel. End mounting holes are for No. 8 screws; holes for the swivels are 25/64-in. File a groove in the bottom edge of the channel for the lamp cord and block the ends with some wood. Dress the wires flat in the channel and tape them down. Spray on primer and a flat finish paint. •

  1. Toronto says: April 12, 20127:06 am

    This may be the first reference to “Bud Light” – 13 years before it was sold.

  2. Hirudinea says: April 12, 20122:24 pm

    @ Toronto – When I asked for a Bud Light that wasn’t what I was thinking.

  3. Toronto says: April 13, 20127:56 am

    When I saw “Pepsi Light” I first thought of a “Pepsi Stove” – a very light camping stove that I’ve used in the past (I use a Trangia at present.)


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