The Power of Dear Abby

I was looking at my site stats this morning and I noticed that something like 5,000 people viewed this page and that all of them were coming from search engines after having searched for “Divorce Ring” or “Divorce Rings“, making them the #1 and #2 search terms on my site by a big margin. So I checked out the search myself and it turns out that this weekend Dear Abby wrote a column about, you guessed it, divorce rings. I think this is the first time I’ve actually seen a big traffic surge to a page that is not actually linked to by another site. Abby must have a hell of a big readership for that many people to search then click through to my site.

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  1. Blurgle says: April 22, 20084:46 pm

    Abby has a readership of tens of millions in the US and Canada in newspapers, and millions more online.

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