The Roadside Stand Goes “High Hat” (May, 1930)

The Roadside Stand Goes “High Hat”

It is easily seen that refreshment – seeking youngsters pick the place that catches the eye.

There is nothing like individuality to create lasting impressions. Here is a group of the once lowly roadside stands. Kinda ritzy, what?

In “going modern,” stand owners are overlooking nothing that will add distinctiveness to their business establishments. To the west goes the honor of pioneering in this movement.

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  1. Eamonn says: June 10, 20115:19 pm

    Articles like this are one of the reasons I like this blog. Reminds you that even the weirdest old things were new and trendy once.

    Also, “Kinda ritzy, what?” is some of the most awkward slang ever.

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