The Same Good Car Through Many Seasons (Oct, 1930)

The Same Good Car Through Many Seasons

AT THIS SEASON of the year, as autumn prepares to bid adieu, it is good to know that the new Ford is fully prepared to meet the sterner needs of winter driving.

Cold weather emphasizes the value of its simplicity of design and its trustworthy performance under all conditions. There is an enduring quality, too, in its exterior finish. The pyroxylin lacquer is not affected by cold, or the usual hazards of snow or water. The Rustless Steel used for the radiator shell, hub caps, cowl finish strip, and other exterior metal parts is an additional assurance of permanent beauty. It will not scale, tarnish, or corrode.

With reasonable care the new Ford will maintain its original sheen and brilliance for a long period. Mechanically it has been so excellently made that it will give you many thousands of miles of comfortable, satisfactory motoring at a very low cost per mile.


  1. Mike says: September 21, 20118:08 pm

    My mother used to say the first car her family had didn’t have a heater. It must have been an option but the winters were cold.

  2. Charlene says: September 23, 20117:52 am

    I love Angrycat down in the corner preparing to attack the artist.

  3. ajricher says: September 23, 20119:58 am

    Angrycat is there for a reason – it’s Halloween and they are having a party in the barn/garage loft (see right toppish). Also, notice the pumpkins (on poles – I like it!)

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