THE TELE-PAL (Nov, 1954)

Benjamin Frankenstein sounds like the name of a character from a cartoon about zombie founding fathers.


WATCHING TV was Benjamin Frankenstein’s way of relaxing each evening after a busy day at his Tele-Matic Industries, Inc., 16 Howard Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. But Ben had a problem. He and his wife were still living in the same two-room apartment they had secured when first married. Now, with two youngsters and a TV set in their bedroom, it was impossible for them to watch their favorite programs without disturbing the babies in the cribs.

So Ben went to work and developed his Tele-Pal, an external speaker unit with a built-in switch that is placed at the viewer’s side, enabling him to tune in the sound from the Tele-Pal at the exact volume he wants so as not to disturb the neighbors or people in the same room. The device can also be used to control the sound coming directly from the TV speaker. Tele-Pal is easily installed and comes with a 20-foot lead.

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  1. Toronto says: June 14, 20128:38 pm

    What a name! Was he brought to life with a kite, a key, and a thunderstorm?

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