The Telephone Way to a Happier Day (Sep, 1958)

But don’t you dare pick up that phone until the house is clean! And always make sure to keep a picture of your husband on the table to prevent impure thoughts.

The Telephone Way to a Happier Day

Try it today when the dishes are done, beds made, clothes in the washer. You’ve earned a break.

So relax a little and pick up the telephone. Enjoy a cheerful visit with a friend or loved one.

It’s so easy to do, whatever the miles may be. For no one is ever far away by telephone.

It helps to make any day a happier day at both ends of the line.

“It’s fun to Phone”

Bell Telephone System

  1. John M. Hanna says: September 11, 20084:33 pm

    She has that Stepford wife look down pat.

  2. Vozpit says: September 12, 20085:33 am

    “Hi, Jim? Yeah, it’s me. Listen, I just finished the house work. My husband won’t be home for hours. Why don’t you come by for a quickie? Great! See you in a few.” CLICK! “I love phone time!”

  3. Steve says: September 12, 20087:58 am

    Surfing the information superhighway back when it was a one-lane dirt road. 🙂

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