The Transistor that smashed a frequency barrier (Feb, 1956)

The Transistor that smashed a frequency barrier

A new transistor invented at Bell Telephone Laboratories can provide broadband, high-frequency amplification never before possible with transistors. The big leap in frequency is made possible by a diffusion process that earlier enabled Laboratories scientists to create the Bell Solar Battery.

This transistor is a 3-laver semi-conductor “sandwich.” High-frequency operation is obtained by making the central layer exceedingly thin. This was difficult to do economically by any known method.

The new diffusion process, however, easily produces microscopic layers of controllable thickness. Thus it opens the way to the broad application of high-frequency transistors for use in telephony, FM, TV, guided missiles, electronic brains and computers.

The new transistor shows once again how Bell Laboratories creates significant advances and then develops them into ever more useful tools for telephony and the nation.


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