The Whole World looks up to the “Rocket”! (Oct, 1952)

The Whole World looks up to the “Rocket”!

“ROCKET”!—a magic name to more than a million Oldsmobile owners!
“ROCKET”! — flashing new high-compression power at its very best!
“ROCKET”!—drive the sensational Super “88” for your once-in-a-lifetime “Rocket” thrill! Experience the smooth, swift surge of “Rocket” Engine power as it teams with Hydra-Matic Super Drive*! Thrill to the effortless ease of GM Hydraulic Steering*—the amazing convenience of the Autronic-Eye*, Oldsmobile’s automatic headlight dimmer! Come ride the “Rocket”—there’s nothing else like it! Make your date with Oldsmobile’s brilliant new Super “88”!


OLDSMOBILE Above, Oldsmobile Super “88” 4-Door Sedan * Hydra-Matic Super Drive, GM Hydraulic Steering, Autronic-Eye, optional at extra cost. Equipment, accessories and trim, subject to change without notice. Products of General Motors.

  1. Mike says: August 24, 20114:40 am

    Did the “Rocket” eventually get renamed to “Delta” (as in delta rocket?) I remember the Delta 88 cars.

  2. M.S.W. says: August 24, 20115:44 am

    Interesting how the guy is “driving” the rocket, yet his wife is driving the car 😉

  3. Tom says: August 24, 20117:17 am

    Ah, I can remember when the cars were garish and gas guzzlers. I couldn’t wait until the State Fair every year to go to the car barn and bring home all the brochures. Now I can’t tell a Honda from a Toyota and don’t even care.

  4. Béranger says: August 24, 20111:32 pm

    The Autronic Eye was a great idea. Google it.

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