The Wizard of Odyssey Reveals The Key to Greater Challenge. (Oct, 1982)

The Wizard of Odyssey Reveals The Key to Greater Challenge.

The Keyboard!

It makes the fun go further with Odyssey2 than any other video game. The keyboard lets you program mazes and grids. Type numbers and letters on the screen. Increase skill levels. It even lets you change opponents and fields of play!

And only Odyssey2 offers—The Master Strategy Series! Each game comes with its own game board. You use it to plan your strategy.

input that strategy through the keyboard and play out the action on your TV screen.

Plus, Odyssey2 offers over 50 games, including arcade, educational sports and strategy games.

So take the word of the Wizard of Odyssey. If you’re looking for greater challenge in a video game, look to Odyssey2! For your nearest dealer call (800) 447-2882. In Illinois call (800) 322-4400.


The keyboard is the key to greater challenge.

  1. ajricher says: July 1, 20119:15 am

    That set off the creepometer in a big way…

  2. jayessell says: July 1, 20119:28 am

    Is that Eyebrow Guy from Dune?

    Is that the alien traveling salesman from Space 1999?

    Is that the Tribble salesman from Star Trek?

  3. John says: July 1, 201111:41 am

    jayessell » I can see the Thufir Hawat thing, but Cyrano Jones?

  4. Hirudinea says: July 1, 20111:26 pm

    Yep, Iron Mans dad is sure creepy!

  5. jayessell says: July 1, 20113:44 pm

    Maybe what we should be asking is, why is he in The Fortress of Solitude?
    (Or is that pre-apocalyptic Krypton?)…

  6. John M Hanna says: July 1, 201110:12 pm

    I’m getting a strong Jay Robinson/Doctor Shrinker vibe from this guy.

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