The World’s Greatest Truck Value! (Apr, 1923)

The World’s Greatest Truck Value!


A Truck Produced and Serviced by Transportation Experts

The great Ruggles organization is made up of trained transportation experts. The factory specialists know how to build trucks to meet commercial needs. The local dealer applies transportation principles to the economical moving of your product.

Ruggles Trucks are built to perform definite service. They are strong, powerful, dependable. They have the power to carry your load and the speed to maintain your schedules.

Ruggles Trucks are built of the finest material that long experience and tremendous buying power can command. The durability thus secured—and the low cost— makes them admittedly the world’s greatest truck value. A unit for every haulage need at chassis prices from $795 to $1995.

Ask the nearest Ruggles dealer for an expert opinion on your transportation problem. Write us for illustrated literature.

Modern Transportation Offers New Business Opportunity

Commercial transportation offers a big field today. Small capital required. Hundreds are making big incomes operating bus and express lines.

Can You Sell?

We have some territory still open and want men to represent the Ruggles National System of Transportation Economy. Business men come to you for transportation counsel. This is an opportunity for men with vision and imagination. Write us today for full particulars.


Canadian Factory: Ruggles Motor Truck Co., Ltd., London, Ont.

  1. experiment 626 says: August 27, 20127:45 am

    Who is this Company? I have never heard of them and I would like to know who bought them out or when did they blink out of existence?

  2. DrewE says: August 27, 201210:40 am

    Apparently the company was fairly short-lived, from 1921 to 1928, and there are very few Ruggles trucks left in existence:


    It’s a rather handsome industrial building they left in London.

  3. experiment 626 says: August 27, 20121:08 pm

    @DrewE Ah Thank you! I only looked on the wiki and found nothing but I assumed they went under from the great depression or GM bought them out! I love that building too, perfect for displaying steampunk items!

  4. Toronto says: August 27, 20122:31 pm

    So the company’s demise predates the movie “Ruggles of Red Gap” too. (…)

  5. Hirudinea says: August 27, 20122:39 pm…

    And do think with all that he made trucks too!

  6. DrewE says: August 28, 20129:48 am

    Charles Ruggles the actor is not the same man as the originator of the truck company (one Frank W. Ruggles). Perhaps they were related. Ruggles is not an entirely uncommon last name; there’s a Ruggles Mine in New Hampshire, for example, started by another Ruggles.

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