Their words have wings as swift as light (Dec, 1930)

Their words have wings as swift as light

An Advertisement of the American Telephone and Telegraph Company

We live and work as no other people have ever done. Our activities are pitched to the swiftness of the instantaneous age.

Whatever happens, wherever it happens and however it may affect you, you may know it immediately over the wires or the channels of the air that carry men’s words with the speed of light. Business and social life are free from the restrictions of time and distance— for practically any one, “anywhere, may at any time speak with any one, anywhere else.

The widespread and coordinated interests of the nation depend upon an intercourse that less than sixty years ago was not possible in a single community. This is the task of the telephone wires and cables of the Bell Telephone System—to make a single community of our vast, busy continent wherein a man in Los Angeles may talk with another in Baltimore or a friend in Europe as readily as with his neighbor. It is the work of the Bell Telephone System to enable friends, families and business associates to speak clearly and immediately with one another, wherever they may be. Its service is as helpful and accessible on a village street as in the largest cities.

To match the growing sweep and complexity of life in this country, to prepare the way for new accomplishments, the Bell System is constantly adding to its equipment and bettering its service.

To this end, its construction program for 1930 has been the largest in its history. This System at all times accepts its responsibility to forward the development and well-being of the nation.

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